We've just re launched the AxMag Magazine!!
Our thanks to Gavin Troth who started AxMag in 2019 and has handed over the reigns to us at KfMarketing!

The Axe Valley is one of the loveliest areas in the UK - well we think so!! Our aim is to cover the Axe Valley and to help independent local businesses of every size ​and people connect with each other. We want to share stories about you, the lives and work of people in our area, and all the fantastic passion that we see around us!

2020 has without doubt been one of the most challenging years we've faced in recent times and many people are suffering. Businesses are struggling and people are slowly getting their lives back together,  but one thing that has come out of COVID is our amazing community spirit and we see it everywhere.  We're looking forward to working with everyone. 

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About AxMag


Tell EVERYONE your story, What you do, and what you have to offer.
The right words can inspire and intrigue your audience. 
 To start telling your story  get int touch with us.
We are always looking for editorial and we can help you promote your business.

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