Bitesize Marketing Training

Are you overwhelmed, confused, or just don't know where to start on social media or marketing?

If you're short on time, like most business owners, my Bitesize Marketing Training will show you how to get you started so that you can take control of you business and stop worrying. My 6 Bitesize courses will teach you how to get to grips with social media and marketing meaning you'll soon be less confused, taking it all in your stride and get results.
All sessions are done on Zoom with me. Each Training has up to 2 sessions of an hour each,  with support advice and worksheets for you to complete and keep.

What people have said about Bitesize Training

Why didn’t I find you a year ago? 

Karin is fantastic, she helped me with my business, enormously, and got me on back on track again, would thoroughly recommend her for any business.

Andrea Natalie, The Chi Lounge

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Changed my Mindset!

Had just one hour with Karin and she’s changed my mindset from being aghhhh to ok I can do this! Really easy to talk to and ‘gets’ what you need.  

Jenny Field, Owner, Needle & Shed 

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Social Media Bitesize Training

Are you constantly posting without any results?

Are you on too many social sites and don't have enough time?

Wouldn't it be great if you knew where to post to get better results? 

When you work with me on a review of your current social media you'll see what you can do to get better results and reach the people you need to reach without paying for ads. 

Your Audience
Your Channels

Your users 



Bitesize Training

Are you getting less visibility on Facebook than you should be?

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to connect with your audience and get better reach?

Let's take a dive into your Facebook page & discover:

  1.  Who Your Audience Is

  2. Where they are

  3. When they want to hear from  you  

  4. Which posts do best.


When you do this review with me you'll understand how to get the most out of your Facebook page.


Person Checking Data

Understand Facebook Insights

Bitesize Training

Did you know that if you use your INSIGHTS properly you can discover so such about your  followers?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to understand them and use them to get more visibility? 

In this Quick Fire session you'll learn :

How to find your insights. What they tell you.

What they can be used for

How to engage with your audience 



Pocket Watch in Hand

Saving Time on Social Media

Bitesize Training

Is posting to social media driving you crazy? Does it waste so much time that you'd really rather not bother?

Wouldn't it be great if someone could show you how to save time ?

When you work with me on this Bitesize course, you'll learn:

How to use a scheduler system

How to save you time by multi posting

How to 
make social media posting a breeze



Woman Working in Modern Office

Understand Your Audience
Bitesized Training

Do you know who you should be selling to?


Wouldn't it be good to have a real understanding of your audience

Let's do a review of your audience together.
You'll learn about the type of person that’s currently buying from you, who's key to making decisions that influence your business, &
 how to understand their needs so that you can be more visible to them



Women Running Race

Outsmart your Competition
Bitesized Training

Are your competitors are doing something better than you?

Are they selling more?

Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same?

When you work with me on a review of your competitors you'll learn more about the marketplace your working in, and how you can use the differences to make more sales. 

COVERS: Your Competitors
Your Market

How to create a
Strategy to sell more 



Other Services

In addition to Marketing Reviews I also help clients with many other services for their businesses including
Websites - updates or NEW sites
Social media campaigns


Print & Publishing (leaflets, flyers, magazines)

Working with You

At kfMarketing  I'm always happy to chat to you about your project and business needs. What makes my approach different to others is that: 

  • I am passionate about my work and helping you with your business.

  • I take time to understand your business objectives and needs.

  • I help you understand how to grow your business and guide you through the steps you need to take to start putting creative marketing into place that will create a REAL difference.

  • Because I have a strong commitment to partnerships through great client relationships, I get excellent reviews from clients.