Funding your business

Are you applying for funding to grow your business?

If you are making a funding or grant application you will need a quote from a reputable marketing company to send with your application. I can help you with all kinds of marketing quotes for your business. 

Talk to me before you start

Before you put too much in place yourself, get in touch for a quick chat. You can waste a lot of time (and money especially when it comes to advertising!) with un-targetted marketing and I can point you in the right direction. 

I offer a free initial 15 min consultation with you to discuss what you need most and get you started..

Once I know what your priorities are, we can arrange a further consultation to get you onto a firm footing. 

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Quotes for funding

Many new clients I work with are applying for funding from various organisations to help them kickstart their business.


To help with this I can provide you with a marketing estimate to present to the funding organisation in order to help you secure funds. 

Two packages are Available

1. Full marketing startup funding £120

2 Basic Marketing start up funding £60


Please note that these are charged-for packages rather than free estimates. This is to cover the time taken to preprare them for your funding application as all applications differ.  If your funding bid is successful you will receive a credit note for 50% of the fee to be used against marketing work detailed in the bid. A signed contract will need to be inplace to proceed with work and receive the credit note.