Marketing Training

Are you're trying to grow your business
but getting time to run your own promotion is tough?

Do you find that knowing where to start
on marketing & social media is really difficult?

Let me help you start taking the steps you need
to grow your business

I offer short specific focus Bitesized training courses

OR a full
Marketing Mastership Course


If you're short on time, like most business owners, my Bitesize Marketing Training will show you how to get you started.

The courses will show you how to get to grips with your marketing meaning you'll soon be less confused, taking it all in your stride and getting results.



  • Mastering Marketing

  • Save Time with Smart Marketing


  • Understand your Audience & Outsmart your competition Bitesize

Bitesize Training
Work with me now & discover more visibility + clearer focus for your business.
Strategic Marketing Mastership Course


Discover REAL clarity for your business with in-depth Strategy Training.

When you work with me on this Strategic course you'll discover:

  • Where your business is at the moment
  • Where it should be going


You'll be guided through a complete review of your business and learn

  • What marketing you need to do 
  • How to put it everything into place with a robust strategy
What Clients Say  

Changed my Mindset

Had just one hour with Karin and she’s changed my mindset from being aghhhh to ok I can do this! Really easy to talk to and ‘gets’ what you need.  

Jenny Field
Jen's Needle & Shed



full stretch.jpg

Why didn't I find you a year ago?

Karin is fantastic, she helped me with my business, enormously, and got me on back on track again, would thoroughly recommend her for any business

.Andrea Natalie, The Chi Lounge

CAED logo.png

We are Making Huge Strategic Leaps

Working with Karin is a delight - she really took the time to get to understand what we are all about and where we want to get to, and is helping us plan how we can make that journey.  Her knack for knowing what questions to ask and where to push for different answers and ideas is uncanny - I think sometimes she knows the organisation better than I do!

With her support we are making huge strategic leaps but carrying the core people with us - our clients, our funders and most importantly our staff team.  

Tim Bridger, CEO, Citizens Advice East Devon


Retail Gallery

Thank you for helping me Focus

I remember many years ago riding pillion on a motorbike. The driver had stopped with two solid feet planted either side of the bike, me still perched on the back grumbling “well where do you want us to be then ?” I flung my arm to the side “over there” and promptly pulled the bike over!"
Thank you for helping me focus on the ride, not just the getting there 


Claire Colby, Creative & Owner, Gallery of Makers


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