Copywriting & PR

I've been copywriting for over 25 years and during that time have written on many topics from copy promoting specialist scientific journals, Royal Economics Society publications, International financial institutions (offshore banks) through to  Music and Citizens' charities, and recently a good deal of COVID work. My Communication skillset is excellent and can be used for PRs, magazines, speeches, reports, and more.

Banking & Finance

Copy written for brochures, advertisements, press releases, corporate event stands and financial reviews


Copy written for advertisements, press releases, corporate event stands, newsletters, and mailings to association society members. 
As well as creation of and copywriting for websites.


Copy written for magazines, town guides, maps,  advertisements, press releases and reports, plus creation and copywriting for websites.

Arts & Charity

Copy written for advertisements, press releases, events, fundraising pages and crowd funding pages/ grants. As well as creation and copywriting for websites

Landing Pages and Website

I have extensive experience in writing copy for landing pages and websites as well as creating websites from scratch including organisation of site plans and follow up SEO. Below are a selection of the websites for which I have written text and/or created. 

Banking & Finance
Tourism & Leisure