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How to get noticed on social media

I run social media campaigns for many businesses from large corporates and CICs to smaller independent businesses and the topic that comes up time and time again is How do I get noticed on social media?

People tell me "I post all the time but people don't see it." "I get no engagement." "I've got lots of content but no one sees it - is it algorithms?"

It’s probably one of THE most frustrating things on social media – especially if you’re just starting to post.

So how do you stand out more on social media, especially if you’re a small business on a small business budget?

With organic reach at an all time low, and AI driving content is it impossible to grow on social media? I dont think it is, especially if you are a small business.

Here are a few things to consider:

You have many unique aspects to your business that a big company can’t possibly have.

Stand out by looking at what makes your business unique.

Did you know that you HAVE a real advantage over big chain stores. You don’t think so??

Something that you might not know is that people often decide to work with a small business over a big brand company because they prefer the personalized experience that they get from a small business. Your ability to offer really great customer service is a major reason why people will come to YOUR business over someone else’s.

Start talking to your customers and getting to know them and telling them about YOUR service and why it’s better than other people’s and start talking about it on social media. You are one of your business's biggest assets if you are a small business so SHOW that on social media.

REPLY to customers on social media

Did you know that the majority of your customers expect support and to be able to ask questions on social media?

If you ignore them then guess what will happen?

They’ll walk away.

Instead engage with them and try to respond as soon as you can. Your customers are real people and they want to see your real personality. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Share on social media

One of the biggest things you can do to grow is to share your content. Share content to your business page, to your profile and find groups that are relevant and start engaging with them. But don't just go charging in and start posting all about yourself and your business. You need to engage with people in the group first before you start promoting yourself. You can also start chat groups to extend messaging.

Try these and you will start to see your presence on social media grow, but remember the key is to be consistent.

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