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What Should I Write on Social Media?

A question that I frequently get asked is what should I write?

So I'm sharing my ho​t tips for creating content.

You can read my blog below or listen to my YouTube video by clicking on the image on the left.

1) First, it doesn’t matter which social platform you’re on, or whether you’re writing an advert, or text for a brochure, the starting point should always be the same. You need to know your product - because information sells, If you know your product you can tell you reader something they don't know they’ll be interested. First-hand experience of whatever you’re writing about is really important​.

​Let's ​​take for example food​; if you're going to write about food then obviously you need to eat it and know what it tastes like, you also need to know what is in it

but the real secret is to look at it from the audience this point of view

why would they enjoy it? what does it taste like? what is good about the ingredients? Put yourself in their shoes and think about all the benefits they can get from, looking at the food, enjoying the food, tasting the food and eating the food.

2) ​My second tip is to sort your content into 3 different types

  • Sales /product – which we’ve just covered

  • Educational – teach them something and give more than you get

  • Fun – have some fun with it!

​This is especially important if you're writing for ​social media where you need to rotate the content.

For example if your continually writing copy that's asking for the sale 'we've got great cakes come and buy them' people will get bored

similarly if you're always writing about what your dog does and never asking for the sale or talking about your product people won't get the point

you need a good mix

3) My third is always ask questions ?

Use the power of How, and Why?

How to make the best curries

How do you get a return on your investment?

How do you feel about xx?

Why my hot tips can help you with your copywriting

Why do you use Instagram instead of Facebook? Why do I put chocolate chips in my cookies?.

4. My final tip and the most effective is to solve a problem for them. Everyone has a problem, if you can solve theirs for them then you’ll do really well. So think about your audience, what problems do they have? And how can you solve them? Then write about that.

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