What Social Media should I be on?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

How do you know which Social Media platform your should be on?

Many businesses owners assume that they have to be on several social platforms. and they spend hours every week creating content and posting it out.

If you’ve already got social accounts – why did you choose them? Were you selective or did you go with what everyone was telling you?

If you’re starting out on social media where do you start and how do you know which to choose?

The truth is that you only need to be on the ones that work for your business.

3.2 billion people worldwide are on social media. It’s not going away and it’s growing rapidly. There are many established platforms – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many newer ones Instagram, TikTok and more. To work out which platforms are best for your business you need to know who you customers are.

Who are your customers and how do you target them?

Two questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. WHO am I targeting?

  2. Do I really know who my customers are?

Take time to think about who your customers are at the moment,

  • What age are they? old or young?

  • Are they male or female?

  • Where are they based?

  • What time do they buy – are they seasonal, do they purchase at night or weekend or during the day?

Once you start to think about them you will begin to get a picture of the type of person that’s currently buying from you. Each one of them has a different NEED and uses social media in a different way.

You also need to think about your ideal customers Get a picture of them in your mind. Who are they? Ask yourself the same questions as you did for your current customers.

Then ask: Are they the same as my current customers? The chances are they might no be, and if they’re not the same then you might be on the wrong social platform.

Once you have a good idea of what customers you want to be attracting and what their demographics is, use these guidelines below to work out which platform you need to be - the stats given are based on highest user):

Instagram - user ages: 18-29

Facebook - user ages: 20-65

Pinterest - user ages: 30-49

Twitter - user ages: 18-39

If you would like to know more then watch my TOP TIPS VIDEO on Which Platform Should I be on?

For more help looking at your customer profiles in more depth or need advice on social platforms, we'd be happy to have chat to you. Contact me

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