Seaton Town Map

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Welcome to the new Seaton Town Map 2022, bringing the best Seaton has to offer. Attractively designed, and printed on excellent quality material, the 2022 new Map has a great distribution and gives you the chance to showcase your company to local people and visitors alike!

Sales are now OPEN for the 2022 Seaton Map
Why advertise?
  • The Town Map will be distributed to a wide audience with good footfall

  • Targeted directly for your business.

  • Your business will be highlighted on the map

  • Promoted on website and social media

  • Highlighting your business on The Map will direct people to find your business

  • Promoted widely via social media

  • Print copies will be available at TiCs and shops throughout Seaton

Seaton seafront
Distributed to a wide audience
View over Seaton
Excellent Affordable Rates
Promote your company for 365 days
for as little as 4p per day

Advertise alongside the best local businesses
and attractions

Mapside panel regular £65.00

Mapside large panel £150.00

Outside Back Cover single spot £70

Outside Back Cover large panel £150

Inside FOLD Square £65.00

Inside FOLD large panel £125

  • 10k copies of the  Map will be widely distributed

  • Throughout the local area

  • Seaton and local area businesses

  • Tourist Information Centres

  • Holiday letting agents, campsites, hotels, B&Bs

  • Attractions

  • We will also have pdf copies available for download.

Lush Views
2021 map


Print copies are available at  the TiC, Seaton Tramway, campsites and B&Bs plus shops throughout Seaton.  If you would like to have print copies at your business please contact me:

FREE DOWNLOAD for personal use
You are welcome to download the map below for personal use, but please note that copyright remains with KfMarketingso do contact me if you wish to reproduce it.

Seaton town map 2021 KFM inside
2021 Seaton map KFM
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