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It's more essential then ever these days to have an up-to-date website. Most businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, and connecting with your customers is really important.

I have been creating and editing websites for years and have many happy clients.

You might think that you can’t afford a professional website or that you can run your business purely via social media. The truth is that a professional website says a lot about your business, gives credibility and it’s one of the best ways to showcase all of your services.

Whether you need a NEW site, or an UPDATE let me put my expertise to use to help your business.

Social Media 

I manage the social media accounts for many clients who range from small independent businesses to large companies with 100s of staff


I can save you time and energy

I'm an expert copy writer and can use my skills to craft excellent posts for your social media.

When you work with me you'll get expert posts that are scheduled at exactly the times that your audience is online.

I can also help take the pressure off you with picture research.

Platforms covered include:

Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Pinterest​


Print and Publishing

Whether you need a new brochure for your business, or a full blown guide/business report
I can help. 

I have been creating and editing leaflets, full brochures and many printed publications for years.

Having worked at Cambridge University Press for many years with their full on-site printing presses and expert print technicians I gained an excellent understanding of the complete print process. I can manage the whole job from start to finish including print for you to high-quality.

Laptop Typing

Copy writing

I have been writing copy for years; from newspaper and magazine articles, to press releases, business reports and text for websites & landing pages. 

I'm an expert copy writer and can use my skills to craft excellent copy for you.


Whatever you need help writing when you work with me you'll get great copy with excellent turnaround times. 

Bitesize Marketing Reviews

If you're not sure what marketing you need them why not try my Bitesize Marketing Reviews?
Choose the one that's right for you and Build the business you deserve to have. 

Social Media
social media review

Helping you grow your business 

If you are making a funding or grant application you will need a quote from a reputable marketing company to send along with your application. I can help you with all kinds of marketing quotes for your business. 

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Working with You

At kfMarketing  I'm always happy to chat to you about your project and business needs. What makes my approach different to others is that: 

  • I am passionate about my work and helping you with your business.

  • I take time to understand your business objectives and needs.

  • I help you understand how to grow your business and guide you through the steps you need to take to start putting creative marketing into place that will create a REAL difference.

  • Because I have a strong commitment to partnerships through great client relationships, I get excellent reviews from clients.