Do you feel like running your business
is like running uphill?


Then this is for you. No More wondering why your competition is doing better?
No more wondering why your customers aren't seeing you as much as they should be and
No more worrying whether you're doing the right thing. 

When you work with me on your Intensive Strategic Marketing Review Sessions you'll discover
  • Where your business is at the moment
  • Where it should be going
  • What marketing you need to do to get there
  • How to do it

The sessions are done via ZOOM on a 1 to 1 basis

Sessions Include

Business Meeting

An in-depth look at your business right now

  • Your customers

  • Your Competitors

  • Your marketing

  • Your strengths & weaknesses

  • The marketplace you are operating in. 

Perfect Sunset Shot

We then move on to look at
Where you should be going:

  • Your ideal customer

  • Your brand

  • Choosing your focus

  • Factors that influence your success

Cup of Coffee

How you can make it happen?

  • The Strategy your business needs

  • Short term marketing strategies to use

  • Medium term strategies you can put into place

Laptop Writing

I will guide you through each stage

as we work through what you'll need to do to make each stage happen.

Work with me now & Discover more visibility + clearer focus for your business.

Simple, straightforward pricing.

No hidden fees. 

Just £499 if you sign up this month!
(Regular price £799)

I can't wait to get started working with you so you can start heading towards a clear direction for your business with great marketing.


Let's get started on your Review shall we?

What clients have said
CAED logo.png

We are making huge strategic leaps!

Working with Karin is a delight - she really took the time to get to understand what we are all about and where we want to get to, and is helping us plan how we can make that journey.

Her knack for knowing what questions to ask and where to push for different answers and ideas is uncanny - I think sometimes she knows the organisation better than I do!

With her support we are making huge strategic leaps but carrying the core people with us - our clients, our funders and most importantly our staff team.  


Tim Bridger, CEO, Citizens Advice East Devon 

Gallery of Makers

Thank you for helping me focus!

I remember many years ago riding pillion on a motorbike. The driver had stopped with two solid feet planted either side of the bike, me still perched on the back grumbling ... “well where do you want us to be then ?” I flung my arm to the side “over there” ... and promptly pulled the bike over ...
Thank you for helping me focus on the ride, not just the getting there !!!


Claire Colby, Creative & Owner, Gallery of Makers