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Am I being lazy using AI to write my social media copy?

Are you using AI to write your copy? Isn't everyone these days? If you are how much of it should you use? Is it subject to copyright? How original is it?


Social Media
Social Media

The thing with writing for social media, or just getting onto social media, is people often don't know where to start.

If you're a business owner you are no doubt good at what you do - that's why you went into business but writing content for social media? Where do you start ? How do you get going? How easy can it be?

Know who you're writing for
Know who you're writing for

One of the first things I always tell people dont just jump onto AI and let it write the copy for you. Before you do what I tell business owners is that you need to find YOUR audience.

Know who you're writing for!

Picture your ideal client/shopper in your mind and think about them. How old are they, what do they like, where do they but - online, in store.. you get the idea!

Once you've worked that out it's a lot easier!

The other thing you need to think about is "What am I selling? What is my service?"

If you know your product really well and you know how it works for people, how it helps them then you will be able to start writing really good text that connects with YOUR audience.

You can use AI to give you some suggestions but dont use it for the whole thing. Because if you do what you'll get is generic and salesy copy.

If you want some more tips - have a look at my new short video

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